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Pilot Episode

This is the first introduction of the podcast, starring the founder of TDDM, Melisa Iliomme. She discusses her personality, what she likes, and why she started her podcast. She encourages students, parents, and adults to listen to it. She wants to bring awareness of all social issues and hopefully, it will make a big difference in society and within ourselves.

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   The Podcast

The Podcast is a great way for students and adults to listen and have easy access to any of the platforms. This Doesn’t Define Me Podcast is only used for educational purposes to help youth and understand the issues that can affect them in their daily lives. Also, teachers can use this particular platform to educate the students. 

The community resolution is where students choose what social issues to address and find solutions to solve that problem. This podcast will encourage listeners to explore and  topics and consider proposals that might help in the future. The This Doesn’t Define Me Podcast agenda is to bring awareness and hopefully be approved through the educational system curriculum for (9th graders to 12th graders) and college students. It will make a big difference.

The more youth learn about these issues, the more they will be aware and want to make a change in society.



“Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today”. - Malcolm X



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Executive Producer & Host

Melisa is a senior at Thomas A. Edison C.T.E High School and a delegate of EMUN 8.0. She is also part of the Green Team. 


Who started the TDDM podcast? This gal right here. Melisa is the founder of This Doesn’t Define Me Podcast.

Melisa is doing a community resolution on colorism, racism and so many more. She wants to bring awareness of each issue that affects people. She hopes that her podcast will be successful and teach many people so many lessons. Melisa thanks her support team for making this happen. 

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